Psychology Lab

Psychological Lab

v Mirror Drawing Apparatus

v Tachistoscope

v Maze learning Apparatus

v Memory Drum

v Language Creativity Test (LCT)

v Children’s curiosity Scale (CCS)

v Reading Comprehension Test (RCT)

v Study Habit Inventory

v Guidance Need Inventory

v Scientific Attitude Scale (SAS)

v Attitude Towards Mathematics Scale (ATMS)

v Parent Child Relationship Scale (PCRS)

v Home Environment Inventory

v Adjustment Inventory for School Students

v Problem Check List (PCL)

v Aggression Scale

v Academic Anxiety Scale for Children

v Style of Learning and Thinking

v Kakkar Fitness for Teaching Scale

v School Environment Inventory

v Environmental Awareness Scale

v Environmental Pollution Attitude Scale

v Air pollution Attitude Scale

v Teacher Effectiveness Scale

v Teacher Freezing Scale

v Group – Test of Intelligence (EGMAT)

v Pass-a-long Test of Intelligence

v Koh’s Block Design Test with cards

v Scientific Aptitude Test Battery

v Multi Dimensional Assessment of Personality Series

v Koh’s Block Design Test with cards

v Achievement Motivation Scale

v Reactions to Frustration Scale

v State-trait Anxiety Test (STAT)

v General Teaching Competency Scale

v Job Satisfaction Scale for Primary and Secondary School Teachers

v Singha Comprehensive Anxiety Scale (SCAT)


v Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)

v Attitude Scale Towards Teaching Profession