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Mahabodhi Mahavidyalaya, Nalanada is a premier institute of education, is located in Nalanda, Bihar. Mahabodhi Mahavidyalaya is a private college recognised by ERC NCTE, Bhubneshwar, And Affiliated  to Patliputra University, Patna & Bihar School Examination Board, Patna.
           With a humble beginning in 2013 Mahabodhi Mahavidyalaya, Nalanda will plan to become a resource center of education due to its prominent achievements in teacher training.

~ Chairman Message ~

Shree Sharwan Kumar

(Hon’ble Minister of Rural Development , Bihar Government)

            Our  mission is to prepare the quality teachers to fathom the ocean of knowledge remove the clouds of ignorance, enlighten the consciousness and create the awareness among the youth and to alive the divine perfection of the animates. So that they could exhibits their perfection in all fields.

~ Secretary Message ~

   One should not follow the path made by others but should make the path to the followed by others.We at Mahabodhi Mahavidyalaya (B.Ed./D.El.Ed.) Nalanda not only impart the quality productivity and efficiency but also provide a healthy ambiance and salubrious environment.


Dr. Arvind Kumar

Mahabodhi College, Nalanda

~ Pattern Message ~

Dr. U Paiyanlinkara

       I am very happy to say that we nurture perfection and wish to evolve the institute where every individual makes a history of success. We work towards empowering students. Ignite their passion, stir their dedication and equip them with the more knowledge in the light of Gita and Jatak of  Buadha (His followers) to get skill and competitive spirit, which help them and evolve as winner.

Managing Committee of Mahabodhi Mahavidyalaya (B.Ed) , Nalanda

Sl No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Shree Sharwan Kumar Chairman 9431023194
2 Dr. Arvind Kumar Secretary 9835624296
3 Dr. U Paiyanlinkara Member 7549894195
4 DR. Kamal Nayan Prasad Member 9572467409
5 Dr. Deepak Sharma Principal 9213195598
6 Dr. Kusumlata Kumari Teacher Representative 7070254225